The busy parents guide to baby clothes shopping online in Dubai

The busy parents guide to baby clothes shopping online in Dubai

Finding quality baby clothes in Dubai can be challenging for many parents like myself who have busy jobs and are very time poor.

At times like these and as always, we look to the internet as our saviour.

Though as we have learnt for ourselves over the years, clothes shopping online can sometimes be a booby trap and what you see and what you end up receiving can be quite different and what’s more, disappointing! And this is not unusual to discover then buying kids clothes online in Dubai.

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Believe me when I say this but I would have to say that I have found myself disappointed with the clothing I have bought my children at least 7/10 times. After some trial and effort I believe I have discovered the best websites in Dubai  that offer great quality children’s clothes at the right prices. One of which springs to mind instantly is this website.

Anyway, rather than provide you with a bunch of websites to scroll through, I thought it would be better to provide you with some tips to go out and do it yourself (give a man a fishing rod and all that).

Here are my quick tip guide called ‘the busy Dubai parents guide to baby clothes shopping online’.

Do they have a good social following?

Social proof tends to be where I look first these days when buying baby clothes or anything else online in Dubai for that matter.

Check the baby shops social media account and see how many followers and interactions they have with their customers. The higher the better in terms of their followers indicates customer satisfaction.

Do they have any reviews on Google?

Yep, if you didn’t realise already, Google now has an option where you can review the service of a company. The more stars the better but remember to check the customer comments/feedback.

Are the images of the clothes accurate?

Are the photos of the clothes taken well or do they have bad lighting and poor visual qualities? If so then it can sometimes be difficult to determine the colour you are ordering. The sharper and better quality the photo the more likely you will get what you ordered.

Is their website safe?

Https:// at the beginning of the website indicates that it is secure for you to shop on. Avoid any online stores that don’t have this.

Delivery costs?

How much is the cost for delivery? Are you charged per item or as a total weight? Many online baby clothes stores in Dubai offer free shipping for over certain quantities.

Shop around

This goes without saying but don’t just pull out your credit card at the first web store. If you have time, then shop around to find a better price.

I hope that you find the above useful and time saving in every way. If you have any thoughts or want to share any great advice or links to great baby and kids clothing stores in Dubai then please leave a comment below.

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